An Epic Secret


Amanda Victoria – Creator of An Epic Secret 

The secret is a secret indeed. It is very hard to figure out how to get it to work for you…

Until now!!

Hi there. My name is Amanda. I have figured out the secret behind the secret. I have explored a lot of resources to get here. And I want to help you understand exactly how to use  “The Secret”, Because I want you to live your life to the fullest, too! ..Now

Would you like to experience wealth & miracles, success & love, happiness, a great career?

What do you want, exactally? 

Once you have figured that out, you have done the first step. Be very clear on your intent.

How to & examples

  • Identify your desire. Choose a little scene that implies the event already happened.
  • Getting into a theta state. Example: (sleepiness, being drowsy; before falling asleep at night, or immediately after waking in the morning). Act out a scene in your mind of the end result that you want.
  • Add positive emotions. Example: (thankfulness. excitement,love,etc..)

You can manifest anything instantly along with the specifics that you want with that desire.

if you believe (wholeheartedly, you must feel it in your heart! -Matthew 7:7-8) you can have it all!. While you believe you are also being a vibrational match to your desire. That’s the secret!

I Found the secret!

4 signs it’s on the way:

  1. You may see others receive what you are waiting on
  2. You may see numbers, such as 111, 112, and so on..
  3. You are feeling as if you have it already
  4. You may experiencing synchronicities

While you are in the waiting stage it is important that you learn meditations and continue with the affirmations in irder to stay in this lifestle forever, other wise it is possible you will give up. When it gets hard. your manifestation doesn’t happen.

You must remain

positive consistently.

It is a lifestyle change you are making.

That’s another secret…

I Found another Secret!

When you learn to meditate (with the right resources) you become a changed person as you learn about the process. Meditation assists you perfectly with that.

If meditation just isn’t your thing, then eighther, make it your thing, or use other resources. All the best resources will be found in my blog. So, don’t stop now!

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